Gonzalo Villar responds to Atlético’s interest

Gonzalo villar, midfielder of the Rome, is one of the names that have been related to el Atlético de Madrid looking ahead to the next season, in which the great desire of the mattresses is Fabian Ruiz
. The young 23-year-old Spanish player is shining in Italian football, arriving in 2020 from Elche without having made his debut in the First Division.

International U21, Gonzalo villar He has spoken of the interest of the mattress group in Zero Wave, before the important clash against the Czech Republic on Tuesday.

It is always a pleasure to talk about the interest of a team like Atlético de Madrid But everything in Rome is going incredible, both on a personal level and on a football level, ”said the Murcian.

Furthermore, Villar has indicated that “in Rome they showed me a very ambitious project and that they trusted me as a player. In Spain I was not presented with any project at the height of that of Roma and that’s why I came here. I have not debuted in the League in Spain and in Italy I am beginning to be well known but I understand that in Spain there are people who do not even know who I am ”.