Golf: Unheard of image in golf: a boat comes into play with the Swedish Joel Sjöholm as the protagonist

Beyond English’s first victory Sam horsfield on the European circuit, Joel Sjöholm has earned its screen share in the Hero open after starring in an unheard of image in golf: a boat has come into play in an official tournament, at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Birmingham (England).

The anecdote of the last day, of the week and one of the most curious of the season has occurred on the 17th hole, when the Swedish player was forced to use a boat to, helped by a rope, four irons in the hand and pants bottoms tucked into his socks, he went to an island where he had sent his ball.

He saved the situation with a bogey and garnered television attention, as can be seen in the videos posted by the European circuit on social networks. Sjöholm, 35 years old and world number 302, signed a final card of 73 shots with three birdies and four bogeys and totaled 279 to share the 22nd final position.