Goalkeepers, the number one attention center in La Nucía

Fernandez (Arrasate, 1991) is the most interventionist goalkeeper in the First Division. The Royal is presented with the major challenge of beating Gipuzkoa tomorrow Monday. On the opposite side of the rectangle, about 100 meters away, Michael
Moyá (Binisalem, Balearic Islands, 1984) and Alex
Remiro (Cascante, Navarra, 1995) recover all the ferocity of the competition for a position at the highest level of the sport. The La Nucía floodlights will aim strongly at the goals.

A Balearic and a Navarrese, imported into the Real at the beating of the market, fight for the title while a bulldozer becomes giant in a First goal. Reality could collide without fear of being wrong with the historical ideals of the Gipuzkoan club. The crossroads will provoke the activation of the disease in a match whose result will depend on the performance of the goalkeepers. Real and Levante are characterized by their bravery, by an offensive condition that will be redundant today: Real need points and Levante is not limited by any weight in the classification.

Fernandez It is the goal that makes the most stops in the entire League. He has repelled 150 directed pitches between his three clubs in the 33 days of the championship he has played -all minus one-. The Gipuzkoan also stands out in the most adverse situation for a keeper: a penalty against. The one from Arrasate has stopped half of those who have shot him, three six.

Fine and tall, 1.82 meters, Aitor celebrates its second season at Levante. He comes from Numancia and the experience he accumulates in the First Division is limited to his journey at the Granota club. When he was a member of the Soria team, in the Second Division, Real was attentive to his future.

Moyá returns and Real wins

Moyá he played his first game of the year against Espanyol, the day before. The Mallorcan defended the goal again and Real was reunited with victory. A concatenation of facts that coaches do not usually miss. Remiro was a substitute for the first time in the league since October 2019 -in the Cup, since December-.

The Navarrese goalkeeper, shot in a fateful repetition of penalties he suffered after confinement, could not avoid the worst streak of the season and was one of the people responsible for the defeat in Getafe, delivering a decisive ball to the rival. Moyá replaced him in the next battle. Imanol I was looking for your experience and the strategy worked.

The return to ownership of Miguel Ángel Moyá coincides with the fact that his future remains uncertain. The Balearic contract ends at the conclusion of this season and its renewal is contingent on the Real qualifying for Europe. If this extreme is confirmed, in the noble plant of Anoeta they plan to offer a new downward contract to a Moyá who in all public allusions to the matter has made it clear that his claim is to continue in Donostia.