Goal annulled to Benzema for offside

The Real Madrid continues to try to come back in the second half in search of the title and has even tied the game against him Villarreal through the mediation of Benzema. However, after reviewing the action in the VAR, the goal was invalidated by the French forward’s illegal position in the 55th minute.

Casemiro, from the balcony of the area, has put a measured center to the penalty spot and Benzema, with a great head, has beaten Rulli. The attacker’s position was very fair and after reviewing it for a couple of minutes it was declared offside.

Villarreal took the lead thanks to a goal from Pine tree at boot and Madrid, very gray, is being unable to generate clear scoring chances.

Furthermore, to the greater misfortune of the Madrid, Atlético scored 1-1 in Pucela through the mediation of strap. The team of Zidane he still needs two goals to win as long as Atlético go without winning against Valladolid.