Girona players lament in the networks

Disappointment set in Montilivi Sunday night after the non-ascent of the Girona a First Division, a hard blow that adds to those already received in previous seasons and that has marked several of the players in the current squad.

After the game, none of the players in the Girona He came out to face the press, but today, less than 24 hours after the disaster, many footballers have expressed themselves through their social networks. The first to do it was Cristian Stuani, the reference of the project and who has expressed his discomfort over the expulsion and has said that he feels really bad about the end that this project has had in the Girona, in which it could have been the last game with the red and white shirt.

Several of his teammates have been added to the Uruguayan throughout the day, among them one of the most emotional has been the captain Àlex Granell, one of those who feels the colors the most and at the same time one of those who has been most disappointed as a Girona player. Another of those who was most affected on the pitch was Borja García. The Madrilenian has already accumulated several seasons in Montilivi and he did not hide when it came to admitting that this is “the worst moment” of his sports career. Jonas ramalho or Jose Aurelio Suarez They have also posted messages on their social networks, as well as those transferred Brian oliván and Skull, who have finished their cycle as rojiblancos. Skull, who has won the affection of the public for his involvement and professionalism off the pitch and that he has always complied when he has played, he explained that “football is being very unfair with this club and with this city, but I am convinced that we will return” .