Giménez: ‘Suárez did not come to Atlético to take revenge on Barcelona’

If there is a person who knows Luis Suárez well in the changing room of the Atlético de Madrid, that is Josema Gimenez. His compatriot has been one of the cicerones in his first weeks as rojiblanco. A player who knows the striker perfectly because they have been sharing a dressing room in the ‘Celeste’ for more than five years.

In fact he does not believe that Luis Suarez has come out of spite to Atlético de Madrid. “We knew he was hurt by how the situation turned out. We have never had the feeling that he wanted to come to the Athletic as revenge and get the title from Barcelona ”, he confessed on Live TV from Uruguay.

Jose Ma also described a Luis Suarez humble the one who arrived at the rojiblanco club. “We saw a very committed, hard-working footballer … There is much more running here than in the Barcelona. Someday they may ask him and he will tell you. He was always seen as very noble in that regard. At no time was a relaxed footballer seen. He was a great teammate and that is reflected in the long run on the field. That was very important. That allowed us to achieve the goal that we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the season “he was sincere. Gimenez.

Here it runs much more than in the Barcelona, you can ask

Finally on the old forward of the Barcelona and with whom he will coincide with Uruguay in the America Cup He noted that “Luis is the best scorer in the world. You give it half a spark inside the area and it sends you inside ”, to which he added that“ I think it was one of the great differences of this Atlético de Madrid and then the variants that the team had ”.