Gil Marín and Cerezo create Atlético Holdco before the capital increase

Miguel Angel Gil Marin, CEO of Atlético de Madrid, and Enrique Cerezo, president, have created the company Athletic Holdco and this Monday it was already in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry (BORME), according to Five days.

A creation that comes three weeks before a shareholders’ meeting (June 25) in which a capital increase of 181’5 million euros will be approved with the aim of “mitigate the adverse economic effects caused by the pandemic, reduce indebtedness and maintain the competitive level of the team ”, according to the entity itself.

In this new company Atlético Holdco appears Gil Marin as president and CEO, Cherry as a counselor, just like Mario Aragon Santurde, the club’s chief financial officer. Pablo Jiménez de Parga, is listed as secretary.

According to the aforementioned newspaper, the social objective of this new company is “the holding, acquisition and sale, on its own account, of own shares or other forms of participation in the capital of the Club Atlético de Madrid company. The initial capital is 60,000 euros and May 17 is the day that operations began.

Quantum pacific, society with which the millionaire isrealí Idan Ofer He joined the club years ago with 32% of the shares, he does not appear in Atlético Holdco. Gil Marin owns 46.68% of the securities and Enrique
Cherry, 15.2%.

Cinco Días assures that the creation of this new company “suggests the possibility of a union of these shares under a holding company and thus ensure the current distribution of forces that exists in the club” before that shareholders’ meeting in which a new capital increase in the entity.