Gianluca Simeone: ‘The surname will always be there but I look for my own path’

Gianluca Simeone will continue his football career in Spain. The middle son of Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the Atlético de Madrid, has been introduced as a new player of the CD Ibiza of the Third division for the 20-21 season.

The Argentine has indicated that he is “very excited” and “excited” about this new stage, after playing last season at Sant Raphael, also in Ibiza.

The forward, who scored 13 goals in the past year, explained how he carries the relationships that he always does because his father is who he is.

“I think that when I was little I weighed more. As time goes by, one knows how to carry the surname and knows that it will always be there, but I come to show that I am Gianluca. My father and my brother are different and I come to make my own way ”, said the player.

Gianluca Simeone said he chose the CD Ibiza because it is a team that knew who had followed. “There is an anecdote with Ortiz, with whom I played last year, and I told him that I wanted to, I really wanted to play for this team, it seemed that I felt it was for me. When the coach called me, I did not hesitate, “he said.

The forward defined himself as a player who can “hold the ball, have reference in the area and always be ready for the goal.” “You have to build a good group and be strong, but game by game we are going to climb,” he concluded.