Getafe will fly to Alicante at 11.30 to play in Elche

After spending the night in a hotel near the Madrid Barajas-Adolfo Suárez airport, where the players and coaching staff arrived in the early morning in groups after an eventful trip in off-road cars that LaLiga, the Getafe will travel by plane at 11.30 to play this afternoon the League match against the Elche.

The meeting, initially scheduled for Sunday, was moved to Monday due to heavy snowfalls that hit the Community of Madrid and prevented travel to Getafe on Saturday.

Ángel Torres, president of Getafe, publicly asked LaLiga to postpone the match for another 24 or 48 hours to be able to travel with more organization after three consecutive days without training.

For the top leader of Getafe it was better to play another day of the week and argued that Elche, who will play a Copa del Rey match next Saturday against Rayo Vallecano, has time to recover and face their commitment with guarantees.

Torres reported that his players could not use their vehicles as a method of transportation to concentrate and undertake the plane transfer to Alicante. Finally, the partial cleaning of the roads allowed the team from the south of Madrid to meet in a hotel near Barajas, although until their arrival it was all problems.

Players and coaching staff were picked up by vehicles sent by LaLiga but on the way, on the road, some cars got trapped between the snow and ice, with the players having to push them down.

This was the case of Djené Dakoman from Togo, Erick Cabaco and Mathías Olivera from Uruguay and Francisco Portillo from Spain. The latter published a video on his official Instagram account in which you could see images of a car stuck in the snow with two of the Getafe players pushing between slips.

“Trying to reach concentration to play. I don’t understand anything, is it necessary?” Portillo wrote in a text attached to a video that Cabaco also played on a social network.

All this accumulation of situations has caused discomfort in Getafe, who will face the game without training for three days and, if there is no further setback, arriving in the city of Alicante on the run just six hours before the ball starts rolling. at the Martínez Valero.