Getafe reaches 100 cards

The Getafe reached this Saturday in Valladolid, where they lost 2-1 to the crazy team, the 100 cards in this league season. It is the first team to reach this number and the most tagged team in the category, with 89 yellow, 2 red for double warning and 9 for direct red, counting the cards that have been shown to the members of the bench.

Behind Getafe, with 77 cards, is the Celtic (71 yellows, 1 red for double bookings and 4 direct reds) and the grenade, with 70 cards (64 yellow and 6 direct red). The team least punished in this chapter is the R. Madrid, with 42 cards (41 yellow and 1 direct red).

The card that rounded 100 was the direct red that Melero López showed to Jaime Mata 85 minutes into the game. In the last three seasons Getafe added 140 cards in the 2019-20 campaign (132 yellow, 2 red for double warning and 6 direct red), 108 in 2018-19 (101/4/3) and 127 in 2017-18 (123/3/1).