Getafe: Jaime Mata: ‘I hope Cucho or Unal score many goals and help us’

The forward of the Getafe
Bush He was confident that the new signings in attack of the Madrid team, the Colombian ‘CuchoHernandez and the turkish Jan
An I, “score a lot of goals” and help them “have another good season.”

“I hope that the outstanding incorporations are them, Cucho or Enes Ünal, that they score many goals and help us to have another good season,” he said. Bush, who participated by videoconference in the presentation of the new album of stickers by The league
Santander 2020-21.

The Madrid forward also referred to his coach, Joseph
Bordalás, of which he said they are “very happy with him” when they showed him his large-format chrome. “I would ask you to wear a lot this year,” he joked.

Asked about the continuity of the Argentine
Messi in the competition and the Barcelona, Bush He considered that the Rosario is “a step above the others” and this year “he will show it again” despite the tensions with the entity that led him to ask to leave the Barça club.

Messi is a step above the others

He also referred to one of his rivals for European positions in recent seasons, the Seville, which he sees as “one of the teams that best faces the season” because of his confidence after winning the Europa League. “They leave with a plus of confidence for a season that is going to be important,” he considered.