Getafe and Elche tie and do not escape from hell

Getafe and Elche have not gone beyond the tie this Sunday in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, distribution of points that does not get from poor neither of them because the eleven from Elche are two points from the relegation zone and Getafe, six. In a very intense and eventful duel, a draw is a fair result even though hehe key move came eight minutes from time when Elche goalkeeper Edgar Badía saved a point for his team by stopping a penalty, discussed, to Angel. Duel to the dog’s face and a point that does not satisfy anyone, although perhaps less the azulones.

The start of the clash was intense, with a concatenation of fouls that brought forward the sign of the match: at 5 minutes the Pere Milla and claimed a penalty after a clear push from Verdú to Take, holder for the first time after 44 days.

That of the Japanese was not the only novelty in Getafe, that due to the absences of Nyon and Damián for sanction and from Cabaco and ‘Cucho‘Due to injury, he had to revolutionize his eleven, with the inclusion of Churches (93 minutes so far in the League) as a starter.

The concentration of players in the wide area of ​​the field made it impossible for the ball to circulate and forced to resort to a pointless ball many times: braiding a game in that corridor in which nobody wrinkled the leg was a chimera.

At 18 came the first time in a deflected header from Take. And at 20, the first goal, the work of Pere Milla when he shot on the line a ball served by Verdu. Getafe tried to react and take the initiative, but he could barely disturb Edgar Badia. After the brilliant departure of both the game won in tranquility and the ball thanked it.

In this somewhat slower scenario, Elche seemed to be more comfortable, seeking support and fleeing the risk of loss. Vertigo was left for the locals, with Take trying to find the essential calm. And in one of these came Dani Calvo’s penalty on Enes Unal, after a stop by Badia, which the VAR left in nothing. With that 0-1 that rewarded in a perhaps excessive way, the rest was reached.

In the second half, Getafe put one more march in pursuit of the tie and Bordalás moved the bench. In 55 ‘ Kubo, very active, a good shot was invented that made Edgar Badía.

The azulones sent but did not reach the rival area with clarity, Elche very orderly before the local harassment. The game got stuck, heating up with many interruptions and the consequent ‘dance’ of yellows, especially for the visitors.

And Getafe was rewarded for their greater dominance. In the 60 ‘, a good center from Kubo’s wing was finished off, in fits and starts, by Enes Unal, who thus signed his first goal like azulón, a gold target because it put the 1-1 in the light.

The DThe floor was heated with many faults and intensity in both areas and several ‘touched’ players. The stakes were high. And when the duel languished and the tables were chewed, a new conflictive play that the VAR reviewed.

At 82 ’, very rigorous hands from a player Elche, fighting with a rival, it was considered a penalty in favor of Getafe after the referee checked it with the VAR and after seeing it repeated on the television monitor. It was the third maximum penalty of the morning that was reviewed, the previous two were nothing, but this one was a penalty. It was launched by the blue Angel but the goal Edgar Badía guessed the intention and stopped him, saving a point for Elche.

13 David soria 13 Edgar Badía
29 Churches 18 H. Palacios
two D. Djené 5 Gonzalo verdu
twenty-one Sofian chakla 12 Dani Calvo
17 M. Olivera 25 J. Mojica
twenty N. Maksimović for 47 ‘ 14 R. Guti
(9 Angel) 4 I. Marcone
18 M. Arambarri eleven Tete Morente 76 ‘
5 T. Kubo 72 ‘ (twenty P. Piatti)
(8 F. Portillo) 10 Pere Mile 64 ‘
eleven C. Aleñá 86 ‘ (twenty-one G. Carrillo)
(24 Timor) 16 Fidel
fifteen M. Cucurella 9 L. Boyé
10 E. Ünal 86 ‘
(19 Darius)

Goals:(0-1) Pere Milla (20 ‘), (1-1) E. Ünal (60’)

Cards:L M. Arambarri (25 ‘), I. Marcone (37’), Sofian Chakla (45 ‘), L. Boyé (45’), Dani Calvo (55 ‘), Pere Milla (63’), G. Carrillo (66 ‘), Fidel (68’), Gonzalo Verdú (83 ‘), Timor (97’)L

Referee: Hernández Hernández A.

Spectators: Behind closed doors at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum

THE BEST Kubo’s good work, Unal’s first goal and Edgar Badía’s save to the penalty
WORST The point for each one does not remove any of them from being poor because they are still very close to the descent

The final stretch, with 8 minutes of discount, was very intense and fought with interruptions and up to two players with bandaged heads (Timor and Piatti) for a hard blow in a jump between the two. But the 1-1 no longer moved and both continue fooling around with hell, especially those of Fran Escribà.

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