Gero Rulli looks for a team in the Premier

Rulli looking for a place in the Premier League for next season. He is waiting for certain movements in the goals of the English top flight to pack his bags again and leave the Real. Nor does he want to continue as txuri urdin, although he is training comfortably in Zubieta under the orders of Luis
Llopis, nor the technicians of the Real and Olabe they want him in the Guipuzcoan goal. The foreseeable thing is that the goalkeeper from La Plata will not play any of the three friendly matches that remain for the team of Imanol
Sheriff before the next season begins on Sunday, September 13, against Valladolid in Pucela. The end of this story is closer.

The solution is not simple due to the high record of the goalkeeper and because the Real wants to recover the seven million euros that they invested for him and for that they must receive 10. The current economic situation in football makes an operation of this caliber unfeasible, therefore that a new assignment is being handled, but in this case with a mandatory purchase option. For the purposes, it is like a transfer, but deferred, with the payment delayed one year.

This formula was the one that was proposed for the offer that Celta made for the Argentine goalkeeper, rejected by both Real and the goalkeeper as poor. Rulli He prefers not to return to France, where he keeps a certain poster for his good last season at Montpellier, and the doors of the Spanish League have been closing with the passing of the weeks. Teams like Betis (Bravo), Valladolid (Robert), Atlético de Madrid (Grbic), Huesca (Andrew
Fernandez) or Cádiz (Sotres) have already signed a goalkeeper and the goals have their owners, two in some cases, three in others.

Logically, the goal of the goalkeeper and the club is to speed up the deadlines and speed up any operation. They hope to do it before LaLiga starts, although it will not be easy.

Kevin, waiting

Rodrigues is the other realist who is looking for accommodation for the next season, since he is the left back chosen by Imanol and Olabe to go out. They wish to stay with Monreal and Aihen

MD already reported last week that Osasuna’s interest had cooled, among other things because he wants to get traded and the rojillo club was only contemplating a loan. In addition, the possible arrival of Mathias
Olive to Atlético would have the immediate effect of the transfer to the red box, which has already signed another left back as Juan
cross from Elche, from Manu

Celta, Granada, Betis or Portuguese Braga were other teams that were interested in Kevin
Rodrigues, who, like Rulli, was not even called up for the first two friendlies