Gerald Wilkins, former Knicks player, arrested three times in ten days

Former New York Knicks player Gerald Wilkins, younger brother of Hall of Fame member Dominique
Wilkins, has been detained three times by the police on different dates in the last ten days.

The arrests have resulted in him having to face various charges related to alleged assault, aggravated robbery, domestic violence and hindering the application of the law, according to information offered this Friday by the CBS46 television channel, in Georgia.

The last incident took place at his job on June 9, according to the report, in which Wilkins He allegedly threw an object at a coworker and chased after the person with a screwdriver.

Just three days earlier, he was involved in a domestic dispute in which he was charged with criminal trespass and hampering law enforcement.

Wilkins, 56, locked himself in the victim’s bedroom and the police had to enter. Wilkins he had deactivated the smoke alarm.

Legal problems for Wilkins They began on May 31 when he was accused of assault after pushing a woman after forcing her to enter her home.

The younger brother of Dominique Wilkins He was a Knicks second-round pick in 1985 and played with them until 1992, averaging 14.9 points and 3.5 assists per game.

He also played with Cavaliers of Cleveland, Grizzlies of Memphis and Magic of Orlando before retiring after the 1998-99 season.