Georgina Rodríguez ‘burns’ Instagram with her posing in a bikini on a jet ski

Hispano-Argentine Georgina rodriguez is enjoying a family vacation with Cristiano Ronaldo, his four children and some of his closest friends. A few hours ago, the model shared a selection of snapshots on a jet ski that quickly “swept” her among her more than 25.6 million followers.

“When they say that the ham on the boat has run out …”, was the message that the journalist left him Adriana pozueco in the comments section of the ‘post’. “She, queen of the seas too,” added reporter Iván García.

On the other hand, Georgina He also wanted to share a selection of captures belonging to these holidays in which he appears with all his companions. “Much love”, he limited himself to writing next to the images.

For its part, Christian He has done the same through his profile on the same social network. “It is time to rest with my loves,” he said next to a snapshot in which the entire family appears enjoying a day at sea.