Gasperini explodes against a ‘clamorous’ arbitration: ‘He ruined the game’

Gian Piero Gasperini, technician of Atalanta, did not hold his tongue when talking about the refereeing after the first leg of the round of 16 against him Real Madrid (0-1). “Tonight is clamorous,” he protested the expulsion of Freuler in the 18th minute after a foul on Mendy.

“I don’t say anything because if not, the UEFA I miss two months, I don’t know. This is suicide for football, it is necessary to have more knowledge of football, we cannot have referees who did not play football. If they don’t understand it, let them do another job, “he said. Gasperini at the end of the game, speaking to “Sky Sport”.

“You do not have to be engineers of POT To understand. Tonight is resounding, “he added. Gasperini.“Contact with Freuler It was evident, but Romero was in a position to intervene anyway ”, interpreted the Italian. “The bitterness remains for not having been able to play a game that we had been waiting for for a long time. Our satisfaction was to be able to play against him Madrid, and in this way the party was ruined. I don’t know what would happen, but the game changed, we had to defend. It is a party ruined by an excessive decision, “he said. Gasperini.

“With eleven it would be a different game. There is talk of absences, Benzema, Bouquets, Carvajal, but the others weren’t all headlines. His technique was excellent. Without the red it would have been another game. We are sorry because the party changed radically. It would be a more beautiful match, the match was ruined, “he insisted, visibly disappointed.

Nevertheless, Gasperini He expressed his optimism with a view to the return crossing: “It is enough to go to Madrid to win. We are in the best position, we only have one result left and we have to do the feat. Obviously this match weighs, we hoped to achieve a different result.”