Gary Neville: ‘They’re trying to steal our football from us’

Gary Neville, one of the former players most critical of the Super league, asked the fans to mobilize so that they do not steal their football. The former player of Manchester United described the news of the creation of the Super league as an embarrassment and assured that he is disgusted by such an act of “greed”.

In the preview of the duel between the Leeds United and the Liverpool, the now commentator of Sky Sports He pointed out that he hoped with some hope that world criticism would make its creators rethink the idea of ​​the Super League.

“I am delighted with the reaction, but if they can pull this off – and these owners are experts in those things – it will change football forever in this country. Forever,” he said Neville.

“Now we have to organize and mobilize. Everyone has to be behind this. Forget your colors. They are trying to steal football from us,” he added.