Gabriel Rufián applauds Ibai Llanos’ words on taxes

Ibai Llanos He is quite a celebrity in the world of streamers, but more and more people outside the world of Twitch are granting him. Its popularity on the Internet is advancing by giant steps.

The name of the Basque communicator has reached the world of politics. Gabriel Ruffian, an ERC deputy, has surrendered to his feet by sharing on his Twitter account a video in which Llanos shared his opinion about famous people who pay taxes in Andorra.

“These two minutes make more than 40 years of tax campaigns. Communication is changing and people like Ibai Llanos are leading that change ”, wrote the politician, surprised by the legality of Ibai.

In the video, the ‘streamer’ assures that you fully agree with the taxes you have to pay in Spain and that it is normal that more money is taken from people with very high salaries. “And more that should be taken from them and less from those who earn 2,000, 1,500, or less. Having 50% taken away from me is normal ”, he adds.

“If what I said is a lie I would already be in Andorra”

Llanos also explains that He has never wanted to go to Andorra to pay less taxes and become even richer: “If what I said is a lie, I would already be in Andorra. I don’t care what they take from me because they continue to live like a fucking mother and it seems normal to me that those who earn a lot of money take a lot of money ”.

Tax in Andorra, a very tempting option

Llanos is very clear that he will pay taxes like the rest of Spanish citizens, but he confesses that he understands perfectly the celebrities he decides to pay taxes in Andorra. “I know that many of those who criticize those who go to Andorra, probably 90 or 95%, being in our situation you would leave because it is a country that is two hours away and the difference in money is abysmal, ”he says.

“I’m fine here and it seems like a good act to pay tribute here because everyone does it because I do it,” concludes the ‘streamer’.