Futre talks about the situation of Joao Félix and Simeone

Paulo Futre, former Atlético de Madrid player and collaborator of Sports world, passed Thursday night by The spar, of the To be, where he reviewed the rojiblanca news, stopping at the figure of Joao Felix.

Joao Felix

“Joao already has another status. I remember an interview with Cholo who said that it was necessary to discover how Joao could reach the end with gasoline. This year it’s going better but maybe it was better that he didn’t play yesterday. I have spoken with Joao many times. I think this year he already understood the rules. He knows that when he loses, he is the culprit and that when he wins and plays very well, he is the protagonist. Joao has been the best of the best League in November. Joao is there but when he goes down a little bit, there are criticisms ”.

Copa del Rey elimination

“When you lose against an inferior team it hurts but you have to think about the League and the Champions League. It is not easy to have the same concentration. You see how the field is, they looked like the stripes of American football … It is difficult to get motivation but it is not an excuse. Last year we were able to get ahead and we had many chances. On this occasion, Cornellà was better and we must congratulate him ”.


“El Cholo has been very smart. After a defeat, he is criticized like any coach but to days, he is a legend and the legend is not touched. I already said that Cholo has to be Ferguson from Atlético de Madrid. We cannot forget how Atleti was when it arrived and how it is now. The Atleti took in being the great club that it was. El Cholo will continue, without a doubt ”.