From the descent of Bilbao Athletic to the promotion of the Women’s

Is the promotion of the cubs to Second a positive? If I tell you the truth, I don’t know. Nor do I think anyone in the club knows. I remember with pain the campaign of Kuko in the silver category. There was no way to win.

Is that good for strengthening a player’s psyche? There are opinions of all colors. Neither Madrid, nor Barca, nor any subsidiary are in Second. We will see.

The Iberdrola League has taken a brutal leap quality this pandemic year. The money of the big two has broken the markets. Barça has been overwhelming (136 goals in favor and 5 against) and Real Madrid has gone from not existing to going second. All the evils of other sports are repeated.

Is an 8-0 good to a former champion? Before settling, this League has already been broken. Law of life.