From Messi’s manteo to Neymar’s tears

Pure ecstasy. That is the summary of the final of the game. Pure ecstasy around Messi.

It did not matter that the party of Leo was rather mediocre. His tournament has been enormous, his dedication all these years to the Argentine team is undeniable, like the bad times that he has passed. This is why when the clock came to an end and Esteban Ostojich marked the end of the America Cup in Maracana, and the triumph of Argentina, they all went straight to hug Messi, to surround it, to recognize how great it is, has been and will continue to be.

Messi He raised his first big trophy with the albiceleste and his face said it all. The referee’s whistle blew and tears of joy flowed as he was succumbed in a sea of ​​Argentine shirts. All on top of him. Tears that did not come alone, that other teammates shed, who decided to maintain and raise to the skies the best footballer on the planet and who this time did not fail the luck that on other occasions it cost him to win before.

There were cries in Brazil. Especially those of Neymar. The Paris Saint Germain star showed that he also wanted his first Copa América but he found a team that did not accompany, as in the entire championship, with a Tite with stale approaches. He took clubs of all colors to close a black season at club levels and with the club in Maracana, the temple of Brazil, and where the eternal Argentina he struck again.

Neymar cries after the defeat of Brazil

Now, in six months, both will have the opportunity to meet in the largest of the squares, the World Cup in Qatar, where Messi Y Neymar, friends who melted into an eternal embrace in full celebration of ArgentinaThey will have to elevate their teams to the top. It is almost an obligation.