From Iraizoz to Kepa and Unai Simón in Athletic passing through De Gea

When asked about the goalkeepers with whom he has competed and shared a dressing room during his time at Athletic, Iago Herrerín reflects sometimes seriously, sometimes jokingly. Reason, in any case, is not lacking.

I keep that the best seasons of Gorka (Iraizoz) have been when I have been a substitute from behind, the best season of Kepa is when I have been behind pressing and last year of Unai Simón, which was a season, was also me behind squeezing. I always hesitate to both Kepa and Unai, telling them that in the end I am the one who leads them to the Spanish team more than anything else “

Regarding this blank year, Herrerín says that “there is always the option to play. In the end, when you are inside a club, it is not the first time that a goalkeeper wants to leave and ends up starting. I remember being at Atlético and De Gea being a substitute goalkeeper in the reserve team and in the end being the starter of the first team”, He maintains.

“In the end, football is football, it’s hard. I have played 119 games here, I have enjoyed a thousand games with San Mamés full, a Cup final, games in Europe … I would not change it for anything “, concludes Iago