From ‘Carlos, you’re too old’ to the ‘big balls’

The podium and post-race press conference at the Monaco GP was an ode to the good vibes off the track of the ‘next generation’ embodied by Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, the three occupants of the podium. In front of the Monegasque royal family that presented the trophies, they were seen enjoying the cava ceremony like children, especially among the ‘brothers’ Sainz and Norris who left so many afternoons of glory in McLaren’s RRSS for later.

Asked the three by that second youngest podium in history that they embodied and if they believed that a new era of F1 was entering the festival of humor began:

The three protagonists of the press conference in Monaco 2021

Verstappen: Carlos, you blew it man. You are too old.

Sainz: Thank you, thank you, Max. I knew you were going to say it. I knew he was going to say it. We have been talking about it exactly 10 minutes ago!

Verstappen: Landau…

Sainz: I can start because I have been a teammate with both …

Norris: Elder first ….

Sainz: … and I can tell you that these two guys on my left are pretty decent at the wheel of a Formula 1 car.

Verstappen: Not in a road car.

Sainz: A little young and inexperienced at times, but they are definitely very, very fast. I believe that Formula 1 is in good hands for the future. I think the level of the drivers this year in general is very high. When you watch qualifying laps, when you go into F1 Live and check out qualifying laps from around the world and you see not only the young drivers, but also people like Lewis, etc., it’s just an incredible level and I’m happy with it. to share this grid with so many talented people and to compare myself with them and see how you can do it, because it pushes you like no other and it is good as a race to feel pushed and feel that you have to always continue to find new limits.

Verstappen: There is nothing to add. It was a strong message. It has hit the nail on the head.

Norris: Precious.

Sainz: Thanks guys, I was excited!

Norris: No, you have explained it very well.

And when Carlos was asked how he explained the great leap in Ferrari’s performance and if it was due to the track, the car or the drivers, he answered seriously “Hmmm. All three. I think all three is the correct answer ”. And his two ‘friends’ collected the attendance.

Verstappen: Big balls?

Norris: The pilots? Did you take a step forward this weekend, Carlos? Have you outdone yourself as a driver this weekend?

Sainz: I always take a step forward in Monaco.

Verstappen: It makes you excited.

Norris: You didn’t do it in qualifying!

Sainz: These guys …. Let’s get serious, okay? It was a serious question ”, thus imposing his 26 years and calling a bit to order 23-year-old Max Verstappen and 21-year-old Lando Norris.