From Athletic’s rise to Urkiola to the goal of Ekain’s promotion

The Athletic squad is already in the middle of the holiday period. The lions took advantage of Wednesday morning to recover an old tradition. The players of Marcelino, with several members of the coaching staff included, they decided to go up Urkiola by bicycle. A good way, with later guild meal included, to say goodbye to the season and kick off the holidays.

The Amorebieta promoted last Saturday to Second Division after beating Badajoz in El Vivero. Quite a feat. The next day, a Biscayan footballer with a recent past as blue signed the victory goal that allowed UD Ibiza, Athletic executioner in the Cup, follow in the footsteps of the zornotzarras.
Ekain Zenitagoia, Durangarra of pure strain
, took advantage of a maximum penalty to raise his new club