Frank Cuesta, denounced for ‘aggression’ after a conflict with his neighbors

Frank Cuesta It’s news again, and again because of something unpleasant. The media adventurer has been involved in a conflict with your neighbors in Thailand, after their refusal to accept the presence of an animal shelter next to their homes.

And it is that next to the Cuesta enclosure, works are being carried out to create a new urbanization, something that has generated more than one problem, such as the one that happened recently when one of its cockatoos did not return home after running into nets to catch birds. .

After all that, I have left for the site [donde estaba la red] and I have a complaint for assault. I do not regret anything”He explained on his YouTube channel.


After they knock down the fence, they kill a turkey with one shot, shooting at your house, after they kill animals with poison you get there and on top of that they release the typical racist thing of ‘go to your country”He continued.

The guy admitting that one of his workers shot at my house to kill the turkey and that will surely prevent me from being reported”He concluded.