Francisco: ‘Now the prize is missing’

The technician of the Girona, Francisco RodriguezHe admitted, after qualifying for the ‘playoff’ for promotion to First Division that “it had been a long time since I felt such joy”.

The rojiblanco coach acknowledged that Monchu’s goal in the 87th minute was “crazy, a tremendous and immense joy for everyone.” “But it is a controlled joy, because the ‘playoff’ has been reached, but now the best is missing, the award,” he said.

Francisco pointed out that he was “super happy, but with his feet on the ground. Nothing has been achieved”, and although he warned that in the promotion of promotion he will have to measure “transatlantic”, he promised that his team will fight for the goal.

“Tonight it’s time to enjoy, but tomorrow we will have to think about winning in Cartagena. We must continue in the same line of work, commitment and humility,” said Francisco before claiming the value of having added seven victories in a row and having overcome a difficult start to the course.