Fran Rivera’s jibe at Sergio Ramos after beating him in court

Just a few days ago, the end of the legal battle that had spread for eight years and that he faced in court Fran Rivera and Sergio Ramos. The bullfighter and the footballer maintained a dispute through their respective companies for the management of the gourmet market El Barranco, awarded to a company of Rivera and the journalist Carlos Herrera. Specifically, the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) has rejected the appeal that a company of Ramos had filed against the adjudication of this market.

After a dispute of years, the bullfighter has been very happy with the result. “Very happy, imagine, a trial of so many years”Fran Rivera has assured in statements to the media. “The unreason made no sense. We had a clear conscience because we were sure it had been a fair contest“Added the bullfighter.

Fran Rivera on Ramos’ company: “I saw things that did not exist”

But there has been more. And it is that Rivera has not hesitated to throw a taunt at the Real Madrid footballer. According to him, Ramos’ company “I saw things that did not exist” “They lost, they resorted… and the TSJA has already ruled that they don’t make any sense. Everything is perfectly in order. The contest was very scrupulous, “said the bullfighter.

An eight-year dispute

Sergio Ramos and Fran Rivera have been involved in a judicial dispute since the Seville town hall agreed to award, the November 23, 2012, the management of the Barranco Market to the UTE (Temporary Business Union) of the bullfighter and the journalist Carlos Herrera, instead of the UTE Mercado de San Pedro, Ramos’ proposal and José María Manzanares.

Specifically, market management was awarded to the UTE Lonja del Barranco for 25 years and with an annual fee of 250,000 euros, and started in 2014. The project of Cayetano Rivera and Eva Gonzalez, who was left behind by not meeting all the requirements.

However, since the concession, the company We will be 32, from the Real Madrid footballer, has continued to insist on the courts. The battle began in the Court of Contractual Resources of the City Council of the Junta de Andalucía.

Ramos’ company alleged that the Herrera and Rivera project did not comply with the solvency requirements required in the tender specifications and accused the UTE de Rivera of falsehood in the declaration of being up to date with tax obligations. The litigation went through several instances until it reached the Supreme court, who issued a sentence in February in which he considered that Ramos’ company was entitled to appeal.

Now the TSJA has dismissed the appeal presented by the footballer’s society. According to the sentence issued, “it is understood that there is no reason to challenge when considering that the UTE Mercado de San Pedro presented its offer to the City Council accepting the list of clauses, which indicated the conditions for the concession “, and adds that”Sermos 32 has not proven the alleged falsehood in the statement on debts with Social Security