‘Formula One must find an Alonso like the one from twenty years ago’

The Australian driver who was a member of Red Bull, Mark Webber, has been full of praise for Fernando Alonso for all the triumphs he achieved in his fight against the two drivers who today share the honor of being the winners of the most titles in the history of Formula 1, Lewis hamilton and Michael Schumacher. Webber also believes that the premier class should prioritize finding more pilots with their talent for the future.

“I have mixed feelings. I have a lot about Fernando. He is one of the best pilots. What he did against Schumacher, what he did against Hamilton … He has done incredible things and on Sundays there was no one better, “said the ‘aussie’ in the podcast ‘On the Marbles’, statements collected by the portal ‘soymotor.com’ .

Despite everything, Webber argues that Formula 1 should not relax and enjoy the talented drivers it has today as is the case with Alonso. The former Red Bull driver urges the premier class to look for new promises who can become what the big names on the current grid are.

“However, there is a point where I love youth making its way. I love asking myself ‘Where’s the next Max verstappen? Where is the next Charles Leclerc? ’. They are great for sports. Fernando is a great name, huge for Spain, great for sports, but I think our sport should continue to look to the future and find an Alonso like the one we found twenty years ago, ”adds Webber.

On the other hand, Webber has highlighted the hunger for victory that Alonso always has. The Asturian always seeks to give the best of himself. “Everything is happiness when Fernando dominates or beats his teammate consistently and he is the one who performs and the one who gives the most to the team. This is all great. If it is the other way around, if Ocon takes the measure and the team is in the middle of the grid there could be some friction because Fernando will not accept being defeated by Ocon and if that happens it will be a challenge ”, concludes Webber.