Formula One and MotoGP, behind closed doors in Portugal

The great prizes of Formula One and MotoGP of Portugal They will not have an audience this year, and the presence of fans in the Portuguese Football League will also be delayed until the country’s de-escalation plan is completed, the last phase of which is scheduled to begin on May 3.

The decision, confirmed by official sources to EFE, puts an end to speculation about these events. The Government wants to conclude the deconfinement first, which began this Monday and is carried out in four phases, each with a two-week interval.

Both the MotoGP test, scheduled for the April 18th, and the Portimão F1 Grand Prix, scheduled on May 2, still coincide with the de-escalation in progress, and therefore without the possibility of an audience, not even for the Portuguese League, whose opening to spectators must be addressed once the plan is concluded.

The decision is made after last year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix in Portimão sparked controversy in Portugal with 27,500 spectators at a time when infections were beginning to grow.