Formula 1: Sainz accident at the start in Russia and double penalty for Hamilton

Charles Sainz had a great chance to score some good points in the Formula 1 Russian GP, but this time the Spanish lost any option in the first meters of the race, having to abandon after suffering an accident.

Sainz accident and sanction for Hamilton

Carlos Sainz He started sixth and this time he did not make one of his great starts. A Racing point He stopped him in the middle of Turn 1, on the inside, and in the braking of 2, in the middle of the group, he managed to recover by beating Norris. However, he had to go long in turn 3 and already in the loophole, off the track, he had to comply with the protocol indicated to return to the asphalt, passing through the indicated points to rejoin. There, while performing this maneuver, he collided with the inside wall of turn 3 and destroyed his car, having to abandon.

The Spaniard has lost a lot of points this year due to problems unrelated to his driving, but this time, the mistake was made by the Madrilenian by getting too close to the wall when he was trying to rejoin the track.

Sainz, injured in the Russian GP, ​​in the first lap

Safety Car

Seconds later, Lance Stroll suffered an accident against the walls of the Sochi circuit, forcing the Safety Car to enter on the first turn. Something expected in Russia, because in the 6 previous races that had been held on this track, the safety car had intervened in three of them on the first lap, as happened this Sunday.

Stroll lost control of his car due to collision with Charles Leclerc. His right rear wheel impacted the Monegasque’s left front wheel, destabilizing the Canadian’s pink car.

Bad start from Verstappen and good from Bottas

Verstappen had a great chance of being able to succeed in Sochi first of all prognosis. The many meters between the exit and turn 2, with a first turn at full speed, allowed the Dutchman to dream of catching the slipstream of ‘poleman’ Hamilton and taking first place. However, everything went wrong for the Dutchman. Bad exit from Max who took advantage of it Valtteri Bottas, which this time started very well. The Finn even took Hamilton’s slipstream and advanced it on the outside at Turn 2. But the Nordic went long at that point and inside the exit of that chicane, at Turn 3, he could not pull well and this allowed Hamilton recover the first position.

Despite this, everything changed for Hamilton with the announcement of a double penalty of 5 seconds that the Englishman did not expect.

The departure of the Russian GP of F1 2020
The departure of the 2020 F1 Russian GP

Double penalty for Hamilton

Hamilton He was sanctioned with two 5-second penalties (10 seconds in total) when practicing exits in areas not allowed for it, before taking his car to the grid. Lewis’s blunder. This could ruin the race for the one from Stevenage, who was first, with the worst tire strategy and with a double penalty to comply.