Former Argentine F1 driver Carlos Alberto Reutemann dies

Carlos Alberto ‘Lole’ Reutemann, a Formula One driver from 1972 to 1982, twice governor of the Province of Santa Fe and a national senator of Argentina for 22 years, died this Wednesday at the age of 79 due to complications derived from digestive bleeding.

“Dad left in peace and dignity after fighting like a champion with a strong and noble heart that accompanied him to the end. I feel pride and blessing for the father I had. I know that he will accompany me every day of my life until we let us meet again in the house of the Lord, “wrote his daughter Cora Reutemann on her Twitter account on Wednesday.

‘Lole’ Reutemann had surgery on USA in December 2016 of a biliary condition and at the beginning of last May he was admitted to intensive care for digestive bleeding.

“The bleeding was in a place much further away than normal, in the small intestine, in a union due to a previous surgery that he has,” reported the medical director of Sanatorio Parque, Juan José Boretti, alluding to the 2016 operation .

On May 21, he was discharged from the hospital and continued to be hospitalized to recover from anemia, but a few days later he was hospitalized again for “a picture of dehydration.”

Reutemann was a Formula One driver with the teams Brabham, Ferrari, Lotus and Williams.

In 1981, he was runner-up in the F1 world with 49 points, just one less than the Brazilian Nelson Piquet. That season he won two races, was second in three others and third twice. On three other occasions (1975, 78 and 80) he finished the championship in third position.


‘Lole’ was elected governor of Santa Fe for the period 1991-1995.

At the end of his term, he was elected national senator, but in 1999 he resigned after being elected governor again (1999-2003).

In 2003 he returned to the national Senate and since then he has held his seat.

His term as a national senator for Santa Fe was ending in a few months.