Forlán will train a Second team

The former Uruguayan footballer Diego
Forlan returns to the benches as a coach, according to a video released this Wednesday on the social network Twitter by the Athens of San Carlos, of the local Second Division.

In the video, of only 5 seconds, the shadow of the former striker of the Spanish Atlético de Madrid and Villarreal, the English Manchester United and the Argentine Independiente, among others, can be seen walking through a tunnel of changing rooms towards the pitch.

Later, the San Carlos entity uploaded another video, in which images of the former international were interspersed with the different shirts he wore and the message: “Hello @ DiegoForlan7, we were waiting for you! The biggest in the interior”.

Previously, the one who was Peñarol coach between December 2019 and August 2020 uploaded to his official account of the same social network an image of him as a coach and two emojis: the arrow with the message “SOON” and a wink.

In a recent interview with Efe, the former Uruguayan international had confirmed the existence of negotiations with the club in the department (province) of Maldonado to join his bench and denied that he had any problems due to the presence of the team in ‘La B’, as stated he meets the Second Division in Uruguay.

“It has a group of people behind it that has been managing many teams, an important foreign group that has done things very well and have been acquiring teams in different countries. Those teams have evolved, they have reached the goals they have set and the same. It is in the case of Atenas San Carlos. The truth is that it motivates me a lot, it is a nice challenge and we are analyzing it, “Forlán acknowledged at the end of February in that interview at his home in Montevideo.

The Atenas de San Carlos was founded in 1928 and in 2020 it became a Sports Limited Company. It is currently under the orbit of the Pachuca Group, which has professionalized the club to the point that, with the hiring of Forlán, it seeks to reach one of the three quotas for promotion to the Uruguayan Championship in 2022.