For the RFEF, “the matter of the matches on Friday and Monday is tried and sentenced”

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has reported this Wednesday that the precautionary measures requested by LaLiga and appealed by it to the Provincial Court of Madrid on the matter of matches on friday and monday “they should no longer take effect”, since the matter “has already been resolved by the courts” and is “tried and sentenced”.

“The Royal Spanish Football Federation received today an order from the Provincial Court of Madrid referring to the precautionary measures on Mondays and Fridays that were requested by LaLiga and rejected by el Commercial Court last August 9. At that time, the League appealed to the Provincial Court and it is now that this appeal has been resolved, “he reports.

The RFEF “recalls that the matter on Fridays and Mondays has been resolved by the courts and the order of the Provincial Court refers to the precautionary measures requested by the League. “

The Federation understands that “given that the Commercial Court has already resolved the merits of this matter through the judgment of May 27 of last week, the decisions on the precautionary measures lost by LaLiga and appealed by the same before the Provincial Court should no longer have effect. “

The RFEF, likewise, “shows his respect for all court decisions, how could it be otherwise, and remember, therefore, so that there is no confusion in this regard, that this matter has been tried and sentenced. “

On May 27, the head of the Commercial Court No. 2 of Madrid The lawsuit filed on July 12, 2019 by LaLiga against the RFEF for disloyalty and prohibited conduct was totally rejected, preventing it from playing League games on Fridays and Mondays.

The judge rejected that there has been unfair competition or prohibited conduct in the institution that presides Luis Rubiales and agrees that LaLiga and the RFEF must agree to the possible celebration of football matches on Fridays and Mondays, according to the current Coordination Agreement signed by both last July.

It also indicates that in the hypothetical case that the parties did not reach an agreement, as they did in previous seasons, on the economic amount that LaLiga must pay to the RFEF to extend the day on Fridays and Mondays, the Higher Sports Council will have to determine “the amount adjusted to the circumstances and facts”.

That same day, the RFEF offered LaLiga that matches can be played on Friday and Monday since the competition is resumed without requesting anything in return, after receiving with satisfaction the judicial resolution that dismissed the employer’s claim on the matter.

After being made public on May 27, the judgment of the Commercial Court number 2 against the LaLiga lawsuitThe RFEF said in a statement that from the outset it offered the possibility of negotiating freely “and showed its” will “to do so” with loyalty for the future. “

However, now it offers the League, “without linking it to the start of negotiations, that matches can be played on Friday and Monday, which are included in the calendar, from the resumption of competition and until the end of this Season without requesting anything in exchange for this month and a half. ”