Followers of Spain, waiting for a special permission to travel

Spanish fans who want to travel to the semifinals of the Eurocup what will they measure Spain and Italy They will not be able to attend the meeting, since the British Government imposes a mandatory quarantine of ten days, reducible to five, to people from Spain.

Spain is on the amber list for the British Government, so people traveling to the UK They have to quarantine for ten days, which can be reduced to five with a negative test on the fifth day, in addition to having to present a PCR or negative antigen test upon boarding and on the second and eighth days of confinement.

Only the Balearic Islands are exempt from this quarantine, although it is on a “reviewable list”, so its status may change.

This will prevent Spanish fans from traveling to the United Kingdom to witness the semi-final against Italy, as has already happened to the British who wanted to attend the quarter-final match against Ukraine in Rome and who have been banned from the Olympic if they have not performed the mandatory five-day quarantine.

The Spanish fan will have to wait for some kind of exemption from the British authorities to be able to land in the country and attend the meeting without quarantines.

The Boris Johnson executive has already announced that he would grant exemptions to some 2,500 UEFA VIPS who will attend the semifinals and final, with the aim that the organization does not take away their headquarters.

In addition, anyone who wishes to enter WembleyYou must show a vaccination certificate with the two doses, from at least fourteen days before the game, or a negative antigen test.

Both the semi-finals and the final will be played in front of 60,000 fans, representing 75% of Wembley’s total capacity and the largest capacity at a sporting event since the start of the pandemic.