Fognini threatens to sue the ATP for damaging his image in Barcelona

Fabio Fognini, number 28 of the ATP ranking, threatened on Monday to sue the ATP for damaging his image in a “very serious” way after being excluded from the Barcelona tournament for allegedly facing and insulting a linesman in his match against the Spanish Bernabé Zapata.

“I did not insult the linesman. I was angry, frustrated and talking to myself. I swear about my children, who are the most important thing I have,” Fognini said in an interview with the Italian newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’.

What happened stained my image, made me look very bad with my sponsors

“What happened stained my image, it made me look very bad with my sponsors. If I appeal against the sanction is rejected, I will call my lawyers and ask the ATP for compensation for seriously damaging my image,” he added.

Fognini also considered that in Barcelona he has been “refused to speak to the linesman again,” with whom he would have “liked to clear up the misunderstanding.”

“I have never said a bad word in English. It cannot end this way,” he said.

“In my life I did a lot of nonsense and I recognized them, but this time I am right,” he concluded.