Florentino Pérez on Del Bosque: ‘He doesn’t know anything, he’s a chump’

The audios of Florentino Pérez unveiled by The confidential. On this occasion, the fourth installment, is directed towards Vicente del Bosque, the one who was coach of the Real
Madrid between 1999 and 2003, precisely the time when Perez began his tenure.

In the wiretaps, the president of the Real Madrid he assures that Del Bosque “is a chump. He does not know about tactics “and that” from his time when he was a coach come all evils “alluding to his innumerable concessions to the white squad.

“TO Vicente del Bosque they don’t offer him a job because everyone knows he’s not a coach. Talk to Rafa Benítez, who is also the house coach. And if not, call the president of the Besiktas” mentions Perez alluding to the Turkish team for which the Salamanca coach signed after leaving Real Madrid. “Camacho is a coach. Small team, whatever you want, but Del Bosque is not a coach. What of Forest It is the biggest lie I have ever seen. And let him go around in life saying that … If the only team he has trained in his life is Real Madrid. He knows nothing! Neither tactics, nor physical … ”the president of Real Madrid concluded in some audios from 2006.

Criticisms of the treatment of the template

In addition, the president of the Real Madrid He blamed the one who was his coach at that time for not knowing how to lead the squad. “Figo arrived and became a close friend of Raúl and between the two, with Iron, they managed the staff. Poor Vincent, Yes Vincent he did not paint anything ”.

He also criticized that he went to sign for the Spanish team, something that was already suspected in 2006 when Luis Aragonés was harshly criticized. “And they say that he is going to go to the national team? Well, what was missing ”, he asserted Perez.