Florentino Pérez: ‘If Mbappé doesn’t come, nobody is going to shoot himself’

Perez, president of the Real
Madrid, confessed that he has not spoken with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, owner of the PSG for Kylian
Mbappe, and assured that if he does not arrive this year at the Madrid club “nobody is going to shoot himself”, despite the fact that it has been said that the French international is already looking for a home in Madrid.

“I have not called and I am not going to call Al-Khelaïfi asking about Mbappé. In 20 years I have known everyone and I am a friend, they know what I have done for football and I have credibility,” he said in SER.

“We do not know what will happen in the summer, the Super League mitigated the economic damages. If Mbappé does not come this year, nobody is going to shoot himself, people know how I am, what I do and if things do not happen they know that they cannot be do, “he added.

The top president of Real Madrid acknowledged that next summer he will have to “make some changes” in his squad, but ruled out “a revolution.” And he trusts that Zinedine Zidane will continue to command, denying that this season he was close to being dismissed due to poor results.

“I cannot imagine Real Madrid without Zidane on the bench next year. I have never been about to kick him out. He is a legend in Madrid and one day he will go as what he is. He or both of them will decide it, but I don’t know. he will get up in the morning and find out that they have fired him, “he said.

Waiting for Sergio Ramos

Luka Modric has already renewed with Real Madrid, as confirmed by its president and on the situation of Sergio Ramos, he admitted that he will wait to see the balance at the end of the season to analyze his continuity.

“We are trying to close this season and once we close, we talk about the next one. Modric has already signed the renewal offer, Ramos is clearly not in the same situation. With Modric an agreement was reached a long time ago, with Ramos not and We have spoken many times, but I don’t want to blame anyone, “he said.

“We have to ask the players for a greater effort. We will see the perspectives of the covid. How can I not like Ramos, if I love him like a son. I signed him in 2005. It depends on the situation of Madrid and this year we entered 300 million less. You have to make numbers and sell to a player. The situation is what it is and he knows it, “he confessed.