Florentino Pérez: 15 years since his goodbye

This February 27, 2021 marks the 15th anniversary of the resignation of Florentino Pérez as president of the Real Madrid. Then, in the winter of 2006, the white team was mired in an institutional and results crisis that led the boss to make the decision to leave his position.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the team’s defeat at Son Moix against him Majorca (2-1) that generated a devastating climate both in the dressing room and among the fans when seeing that there was no cohesion between the players or a fixed course in the offices. And in the middle of that stage, Florentino Pérez resigned.

“The decision to leave the Real Madrid I think it is a decision that helps the club and that it can serve as a boost for the team, I’m sure. We have changed coach many times but everything remains the same, so it only remains for me to leave ”, explained the president today at the press conference he held to announce his resignation.

Touch the dressing room and support Ramos

In his farewell speech, he also wanted to send a clear and direct message to the staff that he himself had created and which, according to his criteria, was not responding as the moment and the history of the Real Madrid demanded by then.

“I have rude them. We have made a squad of great players, but some have been confused, and I want to draw attention with my resignation so that they understand that the only thing that matters here is Real Madrid. I have not liked the statements in recent days, “he said.

In addition, in an exercise to support the then newcomer Sergio Ramos, Florentino Pérez He admitted: “I have not known how to redirect them. What of Majorca it’s a test (The players celebrated the Real Madrid goal with obvious signs of reluctance). Ramos said it. What happened is not normal. For consistency, I can only admit that I have done something wrong. I blame myself ”, he assumed Florentine

From that moment on, he remained in office Fernando
Martin and, later, elections were called in which he was elected Ramon
Calderon who, in turn, was forced to resign in 2009, months before his own return Florentine
Perez to hold office to this day.