Five surfers die from a strange natural phenomenon

The Dutch rescue services have reported a tragic event, the death of five surfers who practiced their sport on the beach of Scheveningen, in the North Sea.

These deaths would be related to strong gusts of wind and ocean currents. A strange natural phenomenon caused the water and sand on the beach to be covered by a dense layer of foam that would have caused the victims to drown.

“The search for the missing surfers was complicated by the person-sized layer of foam. The conditions of strong winds and high waves also made the task difficult, ”explained the Dutch organization for rescue at sea (KNRM).

“We take samples and we will analyze them quickly. We are also looking at the conditions that allowed such a thick layer of foam to form, “they insisted.

Johan Remkes, Acting Mayor in The Hague, wanted to convey that “pain in the community of Scheveningen it is unimaginable ”. “It is better known here than anywhere else that ‘the sea gives and the sea takes’, but the way in which so many young lives have crumbled and so many families and groups of friends have been affected is cruel,” said the Dutchman. .