Five key moments of the derby

Atlético de Madrid
missed the opportunity to remove a direct rival in the pulse for the title of The league, in a derby that he handled with power from the start, in the image and likeness of frames
Llorente in a first act in which he disarmed a Real Madrid that was sustained in the fight thanks to Thibaut Courtois and ended up rescued by pride with a goal from his only scorer.

1. Marcos Llorente as an image of the leader’s power

It is the player of The league , sharing merits with his partner in goal, the Uruguayan


Suarez, whom they saw near retirement in Barcelona and who shows in each game the dimension of the error. The derby of Say Stéfanor was it the tactical reference of Diego
Simeone. With high starting pressure to surprise the rival, with help in the center of the field to cancel the imagination of Luka
Modric and make the Madrid game predictable. With intensity, the rojiblancos winners in each divided ball, Marcos Llorente being the example of all. Physical display of a footballer who is decisive for the area of ​​the field where he appears. Tactical intelligence to discover space. Faith to leave his life in a ball that gave way to show the defensive deficiencies of the Real Madrid. To his power in the career he added the quality of assisting at the right moment to uncheck the scorer. The definition of the Uruguayan from another planet. A quarter of an hour came a blow as the first key moment of the derby.

2. The lack of tension in a final; Nacho’s doubt

It seemed that the contender was Atlético de Madrid and the one who enjoyed the advantage were those of Zinedine Zidane. Overcome in the first act, they lacked intensity, the hunger that must be shown in a decisive match in which you risk the options of continuing to fight for the defense of the crown. The tactical disaster was confirmed by the strange position of Ferland mendy, installed in the indecision of an area where a missing person should appear Frame
Asensio. The Frenchman forgot his back and the dagger appeared there Llorente. Nacho He went out to try to fix the mess. Afternoon. His momentum came to nothing in an area where a center-back should not be defeated on the grass. He did not reach the ball, nor the rival. His absence moved the pieces and Casemiro did not reach the fold. Out of doubt and error, the Madrid team was once again on the brink of the abyss.

3. Felipe’s hand and a criterion to explain

The hand after the first and only Madrid corner kick in the first act was seen by everyone. The different interpretation according to the colors. There were four minutes until the break, Philip He did not see the ball rained from the sky and neither did he have the will to hit it with his arm. The Madrid complaint comes due to the disparity of criteria. From the VAR They saw one thing, the match official interpreted another. Going to the band to review the action did not change his decision. Surprise in the Real Madrid for attending an unprecedented situation. General chaos for not knowing when a hand is a hand or not since voluntariness was removed from the regulation. It was the controversial action of the party. The one that is never missing in a derby with the revolutions fired as demonstrated by the confrontation on the way from the dressing room to the break of Lucas Vazquez with various rivals.

4. The Courtois stop

They were two in a row, just as important, in minutes 53 and 55, but one especially brilliant. The leader was able to sentence the duel to the backlash, comfortable on his ground and feeling the damage he was doing with speed. He found in the solitude of Lucas Vázquez the area where to influence with Carrasco inspired, with meters to run on the Madrid forward lines after the readjustments of Zidane. And once again the figure of the Belgian goalkeeper stood out. A giant Courtois in hand in hand with Carrasco, leaving his safety zone quickly to cover spaces and becoming huge at the moment of the shot. Seconds later decisive before Luis
Suarez to remove the thorn of the goal. The Real Madrid had a new chance to cling to the League thanks to your doorman.

5. Simeone’s step back; Benzema’s punishment

It is not something new in Diego Simeone that, after seeing how his players forgave the sentence and before the Madridista momentum already installed in his field, he decided to take a step back to defend the victory by the minimum. This time it did not go well. Saved from start by an always reliable goalkeeper like Jan Oblak, without finding in Joao Felix what he intended to regain some possession and ending with a change that speaks for itself: Kondogbia for strap. He did it after the double stop of his goalkeeper to Karim
Benzema In one of those actions that cannot be forgiven. Five minutes after the substitution came the prize for the fight until the Madrid final against a team too far behind. The French forward retaliated by partnering with Casemiro, lifting his team off the canvas and turning the Barcelona in the big winner of the derby.