‘First Dates’ | Sergio, 28: ‘I have the gift of the language. Eating the ‘ñoco’ I am an expert ‘

One more night, ‘First Dates’He again showed first dates between people who did not know each other before. Sergio was one of those chosen to share his dinner with Michelle, a young woman from Alicante who was compatible with him.

The protagonist of the night arrived at the restaurant of Carlos Sobera describing himself as “a special nini, a nininini neither study nor work nor want to nor try”, after saying that he left his job as a transporter and that for the moment he has no intention of looking for a new one.

However, what bothered her date the most was nothing other than the sexual confessions she made during the evening. SergioWithout any kind of filter, he began by saying that “I have a gift with the language. Don’t ask me why but I have the gift of the tongue. Eating the ‘noco’ I am an expert ”. The discomfort he was feeling was evident Michelle at that moment, which with his expression showed how he felt.

Sergio in ‘First Dates’

Still, they weren’t the only confessions I’d make Sergio overnight. “I’m from the morning, after eating and before going to sleep,” he dared to say, adding that “if we just had sex and you go back to bed, I can give you back. That’s what I’m a pig for. I am short fuse, if you provoke me. I like sex more than partying”.

“I have run out of words, it is a subject that it bothers me quite a bit and I don’t consider that that has to be said on a first date, ”she would later pronounce.

On having sex on a first date, Sergio he ventured to tell that “I didn’t wear it that first night. I have to know who that girl is, where she comes from and her past to see what that woman has gotten up to. It disgusts me ”.