Fines of up to 600 euros for party goers at Sabater’s home

The 23 people identified as attending a party for New Years Eve in a villa in the urbanization Villafranca del Castillo, owned by television collaborator Leticia Sabater, face a fine of 600 euros for failing to comply with health measures, according to police sources.

The agents of the Municipal Police of Villanueva de la Cañada, the municipality where the house is located, were in charge of identifying those attending the party and proposing them for punishment.

These people face a possible fine of 600 euros, since some of them were without a mask and did not keep a safety distance.

The policemen received up to three notices from the neighbors. The first of them at 8.30 am on day 1, due to the music and the traffic of vehicles in the area, according to municipal sources told Efe.

Sabater said that the house was rented and the Civil Guard is investigating to try to find out who had leased it and if that person is responsible for organizing the celebration.

This chalet, which is for sale, was offered weeks ago to be rented for a price of about 300 euros on weekends, according to these sources.

Precisely, on January 2, once the party was over, the presenter could be seen outside the home taking photos of the garbage bags that were outside.

The collaborator is currently studying whether to report the person who rented the house for an alleged crime of damage to property.

Once identified, the organizer of this party can open an act of the Law of Public Shows and Recreational Activities (LEPAR). This would entail a possible penalty of between 3,000 and 300,000 euros.

Those responsible for the Madrid sauna that was evicted by the Municipal Police on January 1, where there were 300 people celebrating a party, face precisely that fine.

In this establishment, which was already evicted last September by the National Police for violating sanitary restrictions, 22 clients were proposed for sanction for failing to comply with security measures.

New party in sight

Despite these police interventions, the place has already announced on social networks a new party for January 6, starting at 6 in the morning, with a record player, although they ask attendees to use sanitary measures.

During last New Year’s Eve the Madrid Municipal Police had to attend 185 notices for parties at homes despite the curfew and the restrictions due to the coronavirus.