FIFPRO asks to deepen the dialogue to resolve the conflict

FIFPRO, the international players union, has made its voice heard on the birth of the Super league and the consequences that could have for its affiliates if UEFA carries out the threat of vetoing the presence in its selections of the members of the clubs that participate in the new competition.

In a statement, this organization shows its opposition front that UEFA can veto to the players in their selections national, which qualifies as a player’s right against which no one can act.

In the note, the union is in favor of deepening the dialogue path in search of a solution to the conflict, which has been reached, in his opinion, due to the enormous differences generated by the current competition landscape.

This is the full statement FIFPRO:

“FIFPRO has taken note of the announcement of the creation of a new ‘Super League’ by 12 European clubs. This decision leaves players and their unions with many worries and questions about their impact not only on the fabric and cultural identity of football, but also more practically on their careers. Football is based on his inheritance unique social and cultural, which not only gives you an incomparable relationship with your fans, but has also created the engine to spread the professional game like no other sport. For this to be maintained, a cooperation healthy and supportive between national and international competitions. New competition that undermines this could cause irreparable harm.

It is important to note that the arrival of European football at this point of potential disruption is a reflection of a government in which some have enjoyed disproportionate powers and the majority, including those at the core of the game, gamers, but also fans, are largely ignored.

The threats of a separatist competition and the ensuing concessions to reform European football competitions have shaped decision-making for years. This dynamic has replaced transparent and inclusive discussions on competition reform opportunities for all players, fans, clubs, leagues and federations.

Players continue to be used as assets in these negotiations. This is unacceptable for FIFPRO, our 64 national player associations and the 60,000 players we represent. N
We will vigorously oppose you to the measures of any of the parties that obstruct the rights of the players, such as the exclusion of their national teams.

In the best interest of players and the entire industry, we are committed to work with all stakeholders to make decisions that support all levels of the game and repair its current deficiencies. “