FIFA, under pressure to prevent abuse of World Cup workers

The organization Amnesty
International (AI) today asked the FIFA to put pressure on the Qatari authorities to end abuses of migrant workers before the start of the world football 2022, after many complaints in this regard.

In a statement, AI reported that it has sent a letter to FIFA president Gianni Infantino, in which it has asked him to “assume his responsibilities to prevent, mitigate and remedy” any human rights abuse that is taking place in the framework of the World Cup.

“Qatar has made a number of positive reforms in recent years, partly in response to increased scrutiny after it was assigned the World Cup, but too many times these reforms are not implemented properly and thousands of migrant workers continue to be exploited. and abused, “AI said.

The head of Economy and Social Justice of the organization in favor of human rights, Steve Cockburn, recalled in the note that “this World Cup would not be possible without immigrant workers, who represent 95% of Qatar’s workforce. From stadiums to roads, reception and security (…) “.

Cockburn added that “as the organizing body of the World Cup, FIFA has a responsibility” to limit any abuse of human rights in the framework of the competition, scheduled for the end of 2022.

Letter sent to Infantino to react now

AI sent the letter to Infantino coinciding with the qualifying phase of the World Cup this week, which according to the organization is “a reminder” that time is running out and FIFA “must act now” so that Qatar 2022 is not compromised by the abuses. and violations of workers’ rights.

From the outset, human rights organizations have denounced the conditions of the workers who build the World Cup stadiums, but as the works are being completed and the date of the competition approaches, AI highlighted that other workers from other sectors may be affected.