Fidel lived ‘a difficult and hard moment’ after missing the penalty against Atlético

The Elche midfielder, Fidel
Chaves, He admitted on social networks having lived a very hard time after missing a penalty against Atlético de Madrid, last Saturday, in the 90th minute, and was convinced that the Elche team will end up achieving permanence.

The Huelva player crashed the ball on the post in an action that, almost certainly, would have allowed Elche add a point and leave the relegation zone to four days for the conclusion of the championship.

“48 hours after our last game and with a clear mind, I would like to dedicate a few words to the franjiverde family,” the player wrote on his Instagram account, who admitted that he lived on Saturday “a difficult and hard time”.

“I cannot deny that I have spent a lot of time thinking about the play, although it is clear to me that there is no time for regrets”Added the midfielder, who was very grateful for the messages of support he received from the fans.

“But if something reinforced me and helped me to look forward, it was the closeness, support and affection of my people, our people, you, fans. I would like to thank all displays of affection that I received and still continue to receive”, Said the Huelva native, who illustrated the publication with an image in which he looks pensive on the stadium lawn.

Fidel, who is being one of the team’s most regular players during the season, said he was “Safer than ever that we are going to save ourselves“And feel” with renewed energy “to face the missing games and” with the certainty that we are going to get it together. “