Fiama surprises by presenting her boyfriend with a photo on the networks: ‘Thank you for everything’

The television Fiama has been one of the great protagonists of ‘The island of temptations 3‘. The young woman succeeded in tempting Manuel and both left the ‘reality’ together. However, there are many changes that have happened in recent months and it is that the Canary Islands has presented her new boyfriend through Instagram.

“Thank you for all this time, for showing up when I least expected it and putting up with everything that came.” the young woman started next to a photo in which she appears with Hugo Navalon. “I remember the day I told you how busy my summer had been. That day I felt that I couldn’t go on without you knowing that far from having a past like everyone else, mine would be broadcast on television ”.

Fiama He also wanted to thank his partner for “for making it so simple, for showing me where north is when I lose it, for telling me every two by three that … ‘what’s really important is fine, that’s the only thing that matters.”

Last monday, Fiama wanted to tell the whole truth about his relationship with the contestant in the ‘LIDLT 3‘. “I’m disappointed. The truth is that everything I defended in the reunion I have realized is a lie. Lucía said that Manuel had told her that he was going to Madrid with me. He assured that it had been in the Dominican Republic and no, he had told me that he had told him in Madrid ”, he transmitted.

He also added that “I did not like that while he said something to me to Stefany said another. I asked Manuel if it was true that I was giving birth and he said no. If he had said yes, in life I would have gotten involved with him ”.