Fiama dismounts Manuel and tells the whole truth after ‘The Island of Temptations’

The Island of Temptations’He returned to the charge this Monday with the debate led by Sandra Barneda. After the reunion broadcast, the contestants of the third edition of the reality show saw each other again on the Telecinco set. And although it was only a week that viewers were able to see the program, the reality is that having recorded it weeks ago, things have changed a lot.

One of the most surprising relationships was the one starring Isaac and Lucy. The Catalan would have left his relationship with Marina to begin to meet the one who until now was a friend of the young woman.

However, another of the couples that starred in the night was formed by Fiama and Manuel. The Andalusian and the Canarian left the Dominican Republic betting on their relationship, although weeks later they decided to go their separate ways.

Manuel and Fiama in ‘The Island of Temptations’.

This Monday, Fiama He wanted to tell the whole truth about his relationship with the contestant. “I’m disappointed. The truth is that everything I defended in the reunion I have realized is a lie. Lucía said that Manuel had told her that he was going with me in Madrid. He assured me that it had been in the Dominican Republic and no, he had told me that he had told him in Madrid ”, he began by saying.

He also added that “I did not like that while he said something to me to Stefany said another. I asked Manuel if it was true that I was giving birth and he said no. If he had said yes, in life I would have gotten involved with him ”.

Manuel and Fiama in 'The Island of Temptations 3'.
Manuel and Fiama in ‘The Island of Temptations 3’.

As if this were not enough, according to the Canarian, “the first day he tells Stefany that I had nothing to do, and he told me the same thing ”.

Already addressing the contestant, he did not hesitate to assure him that “you told me that there was a moment when you were wrong and Stefany he jumped on you, you didn’t tell me that you had been playing with both of them ”.