FIA commissioners to discuss Renault’s claim against Racing Point on Wednesday

Next Wednesday there will be a meeting of the FIA ​​technical commissioners in charge of examining the claim presented by Renault F1 against his rival BWT Racing Point F1 Team, as reported this Sunday by the French agency AFP, citing corroborated sources during the Grand Prix of Great Britain which takes place on the Silverstone circuit.

The meeting will not necessarily be for decision-making, the same sources said. However, if this were the case, it would take a period of seven days for these to be formally ratified.

The team Renault presented to the International Federation of Motorsports (FIA) a complaint against certain elements of the cars of the Racing Point during this year claiming that they were copied directly from the Mercedes who won the world championship last year.

Nicknamed the ‘Mercedes pink’, the color of your sponsor, the Racing Point It shows a great similarity with the latter and the results of its cars since the beginning of the season have been much better.

After the Grand Prix of Styria and Hungary held on July 12 and 19, Renault filed two claims against Racing Point by the brake lines used by the British team. The French team also believes that there have been exchanges of data and design between Mercedes and Racing Point.

As a manufacturer of Racing Point, Mercedes last year was able to legally supply its customers with its brake lines, which were interchangeable at the time. But since then the rules have changed and Racing Point You no longer have the right this year to rely on this information to develop yours, so if you had, it would be illegal.

Racing Point and Renault They may appeal any decision made by the FIA ​​technical commissioners.