Ferreras is dispatched at ease against Aznar for his ‘lies’ to Jordi Évole

The former president of the Government, Jose Maria Aznar, starred this Sunday in an unpublished interview with Jordi Évole. The journalist thus premiered the second season of ‘What about Évole‘With an interview that, he said, he has been preparing for years. The former leader of the Popular Party answered everything: he spoke about the cases of corruption that involve his party, he distanced himself from the supposed bonuses on account of box B and the former treasurer Luis Barcenas, opined on the emeritus king, defended the pacts with Pujol or referred to the authorship of the 11M attacks.

Regarding the 2004 attacks, the former president defended the actions of his government and assured that the executive gave all the information “in real time” that was available at that time. Again, he insisted that everything pointed to ETA being behind: “The truth was told, the truth of what was had, because on that day there was no other objective than to tell the truth”. But, in addition, Aznar surprised by making explicit reference to Antonio Garcia Ferreras, ensuring that there were journalists like the director of ‘Red Hot‘Which at the time supported the version by which ETA was behind the attacks in Atocha.

José María Aznar in ‘Lo de Évole’.

Ferreras responds to Aznar in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’: “He is a liar who lies like a scoundrel”

As expected, this Monday the presenter of “Al Rojo Vivo” has responded very forcefully to Aznar’s words. “You listen to Aznar and yesterday it was a lie and another too. Pride, conceit, hard face …! Aznar saying: “The truth is that I accused my team … accused …”. He didn’t know anything, ”Ferreras said wryly, referring to the answers given by the former president about the corruption cases that occurred during his tenure.

The journalist has been reviewing some moments of the interview broadcast this Sunday in ‘Lo de Évole’. He stopped, for example, at the moment in which the former leader of the PP He assured that he did not know Álvaro Pérez Correa or Bárcenas, despite the fact that they were part of the party and that they were invited to their daughter’s wedding. “Everyone at the wedding and not just guests. He says that they were on behalf of the boyfriend, that he does not know them … They worked for the Popular Party!”, Exclaimed, incredulous, Ferreras.

Antonio García Ferreras responds to José María Aznar in 'Al Rojo Vivo'.
Antonio García Ferreras responds to José María Aznar in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

Ferreras: “Aznar lied to an entire nation in one of its most tragic moments”

The presenter of La Sexta has finally turned to the cameras to launch one last and harsh message against Aznar for his words about the tragedy of March 11, 2004. “Aznar lied, yes, he lied during March 11. He lied then and continues to lie now about 11 M. He does it because he is a liar who lies like a scoundrel. And maybe there are not many who dare to say it to his face. And he does it with the hard face of a proud that lied to an entire nation in one of its most tragic moments”Ferreras said, very forceful.

“Because what your team said in those days, those terrible days, is:‘ If it was ETA, we got off the map, Mr. President. But if it was the jihadists, we are going home, ‘”the presenter continued. “These words have been revealed by a former PP minister such as Margallo. That is the reason for so many lies. That “gigantic fake” attempt that only sought to win an election by hiding the truth. Hiding it until after the election. The tests were overwhelming and that is why Aznar continues to lie”, Has assured Ferreras.

“Oh, and regarding the Iraq war. No, there were no weapons of mass destruction as we were led to believe. The so-called trio of the azores tried to make us believe. At least Tony Blair has had the decency that Aznar does not have. He has apologized for that falsehood that justified a war. Aznar and the lie, united forever”, The journalist has sentenced.

Antonio García Ferreras responds to José María Aznar in 'Al Rojo Vivo'.
Antonio García Ferreras responds to José María Aznar in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.