Ferrari starts its change in Russia thinking about Sainz’s car from 2021

Ferrari starts at Russian F1 GP this weekend his comeback attempt against his own car, a SF1000 that was born with many weaknesses that must be corrected little by little. Now, the team begins that process to take a step forward in 2021.

“We will present small aerodynamic updates as part of the plan that extends throughout the next races to correct as far as possible the weaknesses of the last races, particularly with a view to 2021,” said Laurent Mekies, sporting director of Ferrari.

However, Mekies made it clear that “we do not expect this small package to be a big change, but it will allow us to test its functionality and give us a baseline for future developments.”

“The first part of the season turned out to be very difficult for the Scuderia, as you can see from the results. But it is not in our nature to give up under any circumstances. That’s the spirit in which we approach the Sochi weekend, although in the short time we have been coming here (to Sochi), this track has never been too favorable for us. We will do everything possible, aware that, at this moment, we are facing great opposition, “he concluded.

Ferrari will have to evaluate the viability of the new parts to continue with a bigger development for the next races